3 Things to Do When You Don’t Measure Up to Another Girl - By Sabrina Santiago


  1. Stop measuring yourself, to begin with!
  2. Understand who you are
  3. Walk-in who YOU are


As women, we all compare ourselves to a point. Whether it be through success, talents, or even in beauty, we all think we are not enough, but we are. How do I know? Because God says we are. 

Cliche, right?


A while back I wrote a blog titled comparison kills. In that post, I covered how comparing ourselves as women damages and steals our identity in Christ, and it still applies the same today. Today I simply want to encourage any young women out there to understand that you are all called and chosen by God.


We are all the body of Christ, which means we are different bits of help to the church just like there are different parts of a body-all different but work together in unity for one purpose. We are different but still powerful. Comparing ourselves or loathing someone else for what they are doing because that is something we want to do, doesn’t please God but shows where our hearts are, to begin with.


There is nothing wrong with looking up to certain women or things that inspire us to become better, but obsessing over it and more alarmingly, becoming envious over that person or their success is what becomes wrong and does not show motives of a Godly woman but of the flesh. We all are guilty of feeling or thinking this way at some point in our lives but recognizing immediately when that comes to mind or heart is what we need to pray against.


God has called each of us differently, that can look like worship ministry, preaching, teaching, etc. We are all called differently but still strive for the same purpose and that is to reach the lost. Our unique callings, the way we present ourselves, the ministry we are a part of, the actions we are taking to fulfill what it is that God is calling us to, all of these things listed are powerful and it takes each of us to have a willing and submissive heart to allow God to work through us in these areas, but it can’t be fulfilled by only one person. It takes a team and a part of that team is YOU. You are a part of this great plan!


I’m here to encourage every young woman who reads this that you hold power within yourself. You hold power in your words. You hold power in your actions. Instead of wanting to be someone else, be yourself in God. Again, there is nothing wrong with admiring someone, but when it comes to the point where you began to become jealous and competitive against that person or of what they are doing, that’s where it becomes sin, and believe it or not, God won’t take you forward having that mindset, attitude, and heart towards it all.


Understand who you are in God because no matter how much validation you get from the world, that will never fill the void you are looking for. Our confidence comes from Him because He is a God who will NEVER fail.


Read who God says you are in His word and meditate on it. Go forth in what He’s called you to do and don’t hinder yourself back with wrong motives of the heart, don’t allow it!!


You all are unique and have different testimonies( I am sure ;) ) so go out there and accomplish what God is asking of you!


-Love, someone rooting for you all  <3  

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