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Today we are going to talk about one of the most asked questions out there! I often get this question and I’m so excited to share a few of my thoughts on the subject. Of course, it’s a fun topic and hey girl, I get it who doesn’t want to know a little tip or trick to get more feedback on their Instagram. So that’s what we’re going to chat about + I’m going to give y’all 5 of my biggest tips!

So before we dive in head first on the subject we have to first talk about why you want to make your Instagram pop? I’m asking because this will really help keep you motivated in the process! It will also help to keep you grounded in the process. I say this because more often than not people can become infatuated with Instagram-which I understand myself because I also love it but we have to be careful that we are using it in an intentional manner! Once you’ve identified the purpose (for example: spread positivity, be a light, make new friends, connect with others, start a business, share modest fashion, share my songs etc) then you’re already on you’re way because GIRLFRIEND YOU JUST COMPLETED THE FIRST STEP.

1. Identify your Instagram’s purpose.

Next, we’re moving on to the next step which isn’t as easy. It’s actually one of the most common struggles to comply with when doing other sorts of sharing like blogging. It’s easy to say I love ALL of life and I want to share my lunch, my handbag, my shoes, my family and my recipes! I get it, why not share all the fun and exciting things you are doing in this beautiful life God gave us. But the problem is sometimes being broad is too much. Let me clarify a little bit...yes, you could share all of those things and who really cares about my thoughts about how to make your Instagram pop. But many different articles and studies have proven that narrowing in and focusing on what your best is as the best way to make your gram pop. This can apply to really focus on what three aspects of your lifestyle that you want to share or focusing on sharing solely food etc. Once you do this you’ll be on your way to making your Instagram more popping and I’ll tell you why next.

2. Hone in your craft. Basically, narrow down your Insta focus.

So why should you narrow down on your Insta focus and what exactly is step 3? Step 3 deals with keeping content consistent! I know you hear this a lot but it is by far the biggest factor in maintaining a successful platform. This isn’t just limited to Instagram but actually can be applied to all aspects of life. People love consistent people meaning they know they can depend on you. God loves a consistent giver! A husband loves a consistent wife. Consistent doesn’t necessarily mean perfection but it doesn’t mean a continuous effort. It means dependability. How does this translate to Instagram? People like knowing every Monday I’m going to share a pre-med article on my blog and it really gives people the ability to focus on what exactly they like best about my content. Of my three topics, the pre-med folks can expect my post weekly. I have found in my almost fourth year of blogging that sharing consistently on the same day every week has been the most success I have ever had. I have seen so much growth in the last year and I believe that is because I grasped consistently. This can also translate to your feed. People love consistent looking posts. If you have some sort of pattern it keeps things looking clean and polished! I guarantee you will notice a pop if you keep it consistent! P.S. Keep your filters consistent! I use Tezza’s presets!

3. Keep it consistent!

The next step is relatively easy in the day we live in! There are so many different and cool places everywhere to take photos! A colored wall on the side of a building is cool but so is a winding country road! Sipping coffee at a cute little coffee shop or picking up groceries! It doesn’t matter where you are there is always a photo opportunity out there! You just have to see it! You don’t have to drive to California to get cool pictures but you do have to have a vision! If you don’t know what I mean and if you are new to the whole taking photos thing you might need to get inspired! I get inspired by using Pinterest! It’s one of my pro secrets! If I’m going on a trip to New York I spend tons of time on Pinterest scouting out not only cool locations to take photos but iconic poses! I like to keep it spicy! The same goes when I’m headed to the grocery store...if I’m wanting to snap a cute shot then I will Pinterest grocery store photoshoot and get some ideas! Once you do this a few times it gets easier but you should always try to put your own spin on it! I think it’s not very nice to steal someone else idea without giving credit so be sure to shout someone out or just use the photos as your sole inspiration! A small last little thing to add to this is making your captions fun! It's a great idea to do interacting captions but people like to hear your voice in a caption! People like a consistent writing style why do you think writers make a series of books? It’s because they sell! I always keep my caption style consistent and if I need inspiration I get it from Pinterest but I always add to it! Nobody likes a copy cat!

4. Amp up your poses! Make your posts captivating!

Next, I would like to touch on another easy way to make your Instagram POP and grow! It’s honestly a great way to increase your views, likes, and comments quickly! If you’re not already doing this then you best be jumping on the bandwagon soon! You need to start using hashtags! Now, this doesn’t mean using silly hashtags like like-for-like or follow for follow but it does mean using intentional hashtags which really resonate with your post! This is using things like #modestfashion #collegestyle #travelvlogger #1998miss #upci #skirtsociety #foodie etc! You get the idea and if you are completely unsure then do a little research because I’m almost positive most of your favorite accounts are doing this! You might not notice because they are putting it in the comments themselves because that’s what I do! I think it is much more pleasing to the eye. A pro tip would be to keep this consistent and copy it into your notes so that every time you do a post you don’t have to take a long time typing out hashtags!

5. Use intentional hashtags!

Finally and most importantly make your Instagram pop and grow by supporting other gals out there! There is ALWAYS some gal somewhere just like you with dreams of fulfilling that purpose we mentioned in step one who needs your support! You can’t expect support if you don’t give it! We have to encourage one another, believe in one another and love one another! This is one of the biggest reasons I love skirt society! It’s because Michelle loves to support others and it shows! She is a successful mama and businesswoman because she does this! A fellow sister doesn’t want to follow someone who doesn’t want to be positive! This translates to you not wanting to sit by the grouchy gal in class who doesn’t talk! If you comment and like other gals posts I’m quite sure they’ll do the same to you. But if in any case they don’t then they may not be as great as you thought they were. No one is too good to support and love others!
That being said get out there and support a sister right now! Tell them you like their outfit or that their hair looks beautiful! You don’t have to make it long but you do have to make it intentional! Once you do you will see God will start to bless you in your endeavors and you’ll start seeing new gals support you back!

6. Support others!!! GIRLS SUPPORT OTHER GIRLS!

By Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley a modest fashion blogger at 1998miss.com. A Missouri gal and undergraduate student at Sewanee: The University of The South. Alexa is a Psychology major on the Pre-Med track and is a Chinese minor. She loves people and can’t wait to work as a doctor in the mission field one day soon! Follow her on Instagram @1998miss.

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