A Symbol of Faithfulness By Sabrina Santiago

 A few weeks ago, I saw the most beautiful and beaming rainbow right outside my dorm window, and I stayed until it went away.

 Realizing that it’s the same rainbow witnessed back in the days of Noah.

A symbol of faithfulness that has never changed.

 After a gloomy rainy day, a beautiful rainbow appeared outside my window as I was in my room reading and journaling. I almost did not realize it until I noticed a beautiful sunset outside, then a beaming rainbow right above. I could not leave sight :)

 The rainbow stayed up for about 40 mins, but I couldn’t help but watch and think about the promises of God. The same rainbow I was looking at was the same rainbow that was presented thousands of years ago to Noah as he and his family were in the ark. I found it so close to home.

 As I looked at that rainbow, I was reminded of His promises to me, and as Noah might’ve felt, I felt comforted, like what a portion of trust truly feels like. Sometimes as we wait on the Lord for things, it can be so easy to wonder if they will ever really happen like He said because they just seem so big and impossible in a good way. I’m here to tell you all that, yes, He will really answer those things we think are impossible, but on His timing. And He will give you reminders of His commitment :)

 I say all of this to encourage someone about His faithfulness Has never changed, and His symbol of it never has either.

 As you go about your day today, be encouraged that God still remembers His covenant to you just like He first showed Noah with the same rainbow we see today. He is working behind the scenes for you towards that ‘impossible’ blessing. He loves you so so much, and when you live for Him purely as you serve and strive in obedience, He will be true to you as you see His Glory before your very eyes.

 Your faithfulness to God shows your heart and commitment just as He’s working for you in what He’s promised you.

Beautiful miracles happen in beautiful ways.

 Be encouraged today. He still remembers your desire. He still remembers His prophecy spoken. He will not fail you :)

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