A Thankful Heart By Sabrina Santiago

A thankful heart in a 

transitioning season🍁

Can you remember being a kid, relaxing after school and watching that one episode of Veggie Tales titled 

“I’m so blue” involving Madame Blueberry and her unhappy heart? 

Do you still remember the thankfulness song sang by the little asparagus girl towards the ending of the show? 

I do too! 

And I also know it’s stuck in your head now ;)

I think we all can say that growing up as young children, we never really understood the deeper meaning of that episode. That is until we developed spiritually and mentally as human beings, but even with that, it is not only about wanting or having a “happy heart” in

life but far more beyond that.

I believe that having a thankful heart 

is so powerful and important to have.

There is just so much strength 

in a content and thankful heart in God,

it’s astonishing! 

The Bible talks about it so much!  

But, there is definitely a difference between a “happy heart” and a 

“thankful heart.” 

The definition of the word “happy” 

is the state of feeling in that moment of the “happening” which comes and goes, while joy and thankfulness on the other hand means the full state of living in peace and gratification. 

Which is also a side-note of why us,

as Christians, have the Joy of the Lord, 

not the “happiness” of the Lord.

Does that make sense?

The Bible says in Psalms 136:1 (KJV)

“O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.” 

And it is so true! Guys, He is so good to us no matter what our past was like or what we fail at times with, He is always good!

I think we all can agree that we are thankful for such a loving God and His unending mercies everyday.

There is nobody like Him!

But that’s not all, there is so much more 

to be thankful for in our lives! We should never feel the need for more wants as if what we have now is not good enough from God. 

Think about it. How shaming is that? 

To know that many times in our life we all have just wanted more and more like if what God has given us right now will 

never satisfy? 

Of course it’s human nature to want to advance in certain areas and push for certain goals, dreams and desires which there’s nothing wrong with that, but when your heart’s not aligned right with God, you’ll always just expect more out of His blessings rather than being grateful for who He is, what’s He’s brought you through, the things He has done for you and what He is presently doing for you now. 

You will never feel satisfied and it 

will always leave you empty and 

wanting more. 


A thankful heart is so powerful that 

it makes darkness flee because, 

It cannot withstand around hearts who give thanks and honor to God. 

It cannot!

It also has no room for complaints.

It is impossible to have true gratification and an ungrateful heart at the same time.

It is either one or the other!

Lastly, it invites His presence and opens up doors for continued blessings. 

He pours out his spirit and favor on those who give honor and thanks to Him in all things in truth! He desires that from us!

How amazing is that?

To know that a thankful heart is just as powerful as speaking life into 

somebody’s life? Isn’t that crazy?

It literally baffles my mind because I have personally experienced God’s favor and blessings throughout my life, but more now than I ever have before and I can truly say to you guys that listening to 

His voice, submitting unto His will in all things, and just being thankful for the good God He is and for all that He has done for you, you will never feel disappointed in any way possible. 

You will not feel off track.

You will go through some tests in your life, but it does not nearly compare to what he has for you at the end of it. 

In about 4 days it will officially 

be the first day of fall

(my absolute favorite time of year!). 

We are now transitioning into a new season for each and every one of us. 

A new season, a fresh start, a fresh you. Let’s try out having a little more thankfulness in God and in our 

general lives today. 

Not having a “happy heart,” but 

a “thankful heart” that also corresponds with His joy that lasts forever! 

It’s time to be thankful, because 

what’s there not to be thankful about?

In my opinion, it’s everything!🍁


I challenge you guys to think about the things God has done for you, what He’s brought you out of, what He’s doing for you currently and just who He is 

as our father. 

Remember them and just thank Him 

for it all. Anything you can think of. 

With true sincerity.

I have a brown little promise book with categorized scriptures for every topic 

I want to read in and it’s fantastic! 

It really helps when I want to quickly 

find something that I need in that moment and I encourage you all to read scriptures on thankfulness. You might have a promise book and you might not, but you don’t necessarily have to have one. 

You can easily look up on google scriptures on thankfulness and TONS 

are given. 

There are lots of scriptures that speak

on thankfulness! 

Pray, read, thank Him for everything,

even for waking up this morning. 

We are not promised tomorrow and that is something you can start off thanking God for! 

This is a new season and a fresh start in your life and spiritual walk! 

Let’s start it off right, guys!🍁

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