Love By Abigail Cole

Love by Abigail Cole
Hello ladies! I pray that this word is a timely reminder in your life and that you would feel encouraged, uplifted and share His good news!

In a world so much more accepting than it has been in the past, we may think that we are already familiar with the word, "love". However, this generation can not completely comprehend love if they do not also understand the meaning of sacrifice.

I've been reading through the book of Luke lately and in it Jesus spoke the parable of the Good Samaritan to a certain teacher who was seeking the answer on how to gain eternal life.

In short, a [jewish] man, who was traveling, was robbed, striped of everything he had and left to die on the side of the road. A [jewish] priest walked by, saw him, and walked past. Another man, a Levite, did the same and left the man to die.
Fortunately for the man, a Samaritan came by and took notice of him. He took care of him by wrapping up his wounds, carrying him ontop of his animal and bringing him to an inn to further take care of his injuries.

The next morning, he paid the inn keeper to take care of the Jewish man and left saying that anymore he spent on his recovery than what he gave him, he would pay back the next time he came around.

The certain teacher had said previously that, "[you should] Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself."

In the eyes of Jesus he was correct, and He proposed to the certain teacher to do likewise just as the Samaritan did.

Providing background to this story, Levites and Jews were on good standing, as well as obviously, Jews to Jews too. However, on the other hand, Samaritans and Jews were enemies. They did not have good relationship with each other whatsoever.

The whole parable could prove you otherwise considering the least expected person showed mercy more abundantly than the injured man's allies.

Wine was scarce and expensive while oil was highly prized in 60 AD (around the time this story was made). It wasn't something you would give away to just anyone, let alone a stranger; let alone an 'ENEMY'.

The Samaritan man sacrificed his time, his money, and his efforts to make sure his "enemy" was in a better condition. Just as the injured man's allies, he couldhave left him to die and would have "reasonable" judgement to. But Jesus did not call him to live that way.

Presently speaking, he did not call US to live that way either. Just as Jesus said, we are to do likewise. Not only to our best friend, not just to the people we like or who treat us right, but to our neighbor, meaning; everyone. It is not easy but it's crucial to show unconditional love as representatives of our Lord who displayed the truest form of Agape love to us; dying on the cross for our sins.

It will hurt, it will be uncomfortable, it will seem awkward or seem unnecessary, but usually when our flesh needs to die to do something incredibly hard, that's because it's a Christ-like action.

Ask yourself this question today..

Do you really love everyone if you can't you give the person whose caused you the most pain, food to eat and water to drink? (Proverbs 25:21)

We are called to be a cut above and I pray that this word reminds you to take a closer look into what love really is and why God says it's the most important of them all..

God bless! :)



Abigail went to Urshan Bible College for 1 year and is pursuing school to become an Apostolic Psychiatrist. She enjoys writing about God in her free time and has a page dedicated to what she loves: @Iammadewell. She wants nothing more for young ladies in Christ to be encouraged and knowledgeable. She would love to get to know each of you. 

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