Godly Confidence By Sabrina Santiago

This world places a great emphasis on ‘confidence.’ Not a confidence rooted in Christ, but a ‘confidence’ rooted in one’s self including their looks, accomplishments, statuses, or their level of degree.  

 The difference between the world’s definition of ‘confidence’ and our definition of ‘confidence’ as the body revolves around something that matters most, and that’s not what we look like, what we can do, or what we’ve accomplished, but it is rooted in Jesus Christ-the one who first loved us and created us for His Glory and not our own. That’s the difference :)

 We see it everywhere, especially one's independence displayed in the media, but the truth is, confidence does not only root in oneself alone but should root in the one that is never failing. Jesus :)

 If we are being honest with ourselves, I’m positive we can remember a time where we tried to do things our way, believing that we can do it ourselves, but then quickly saw where it led-not so far.

 Believe me! I am so for planning and advancing in life, but the reason I am being transparent is to say that I remember what it was like to take upon everything in life and believe that with only my judgment, it would be perfectly fine. And that’s not how it usually ends up, and I quickly realized that.

 When we have God at the center of our life and we are intentionally seeking His will for our lives while trying to stay Christ-minded, our path becomes guided and directed in ways we would have not imagined, because our desires begin to line up with God’s desires, and that’s when our path becomes straight rather than derailed.

 Confidence in God is not a physical appearance but rather a belief that even if things are not panning out as planned, He still loves and He is still working things out for the good of those who love Him. He is a God of His word, and that’s our confidence.

 No matter what society says, remember that the God who made you will never leave you or forsake you. Confidence is linked to faith- it’s believing and standing firm in God knowing that He will come through always. And He always does :)

 Confidence is our strong belief, so let it be on Jesus because He is never failing and He got’s you :)  

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