Growing Pains by Sabrina Santiago

Growing Pains

We all want to grow better as human beings.

    But do we receive the growth to submit and work with it? Sometimes not.

Growing pains can hurt but the whole point of them is to stretch us beyond what is in our comfort level and beyond what is thought of us in our boxed mentality. 

Growing is not always an exciting matter. It is easy to want to be better as a person or in our talents/abilities, but do we put forth the effort to make our flesh participate in what we are experiencing? 

Growth can feel very uncomfortable. It can feel like something is “wrong” or “off” when you are going through the stages of it, but it is just the way we are reacting to it because growing is not easy and it is not something we are not used to. 

Growing can be produced from our pain. Or should I say, it usually does? Often we like the thought of advising ourselves spiritually or naturally, but do we know that growth comes with pain and sacrifice? Anyone can try to advance themselves in anything they want, but even trying to advance ourselves in the slightest things can still cause pain or sacrifice of some sort. 

Many of us like to seek transformation, but transformation doesn’t just happen overnight and it doesn’t happen without giving up something or working through something.

Changing is transformation and transformation is sacrifice, but the sacrifice is pain... It can be confusing and can be hurtful, but through it all, we are becoming better than what we already are. 

The process of growing is not always the fastest or the best at moments, but when we continue moving forward in our best and “worst,” after a bit of time, we see how far we’ve come. 

The Bible says in Galatians 5:22, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control(NIV). 

Our growth from our neighbor’s growth will always be different and that is okay but it is vital that we do not worry about the time it takes for the transformation to take place but the fruit that it is bearing us. Growing is a process and for true growth in God, spiritually into the natural, we are required to stand strong and put up the fight that will come along with change. 

God has a mysterious way of working things out for our good, and although we may not know or understand “what is going on” in a growing process, our trust can lie safely in His hands because the God who created everything, including us, stands by us, is for us, and will never leave us. So why do we fear is what is happening? 

Growth feels uncomfortable, but I’d much rather feel uncomfortable while being in the will of God knowing that He is working on me and through me than to feel comfortable and be stagnant.     


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