He’s Got You By Sabrina Santiago

 Trusting in God can be hard at times. 

Especially when you don’t know where exactly He’s taking you. It’s easy to trust when everything seems to be going great in our lives, but when the bumpy roads begin to take place, we can easily become weary and in panic of how to control what is not in our power to control. That is where we tend to forget who’s got us-that’s Jesus.

       If we are honest with ourselves, we can come to the acknowledgment that sometimes we do not always look to God in our time of crisis. We can easily become so consumed with what the enemy is attacking and warping our minds with that it can derail us and cause us to stumble more by worrying rather than remembering and turning to the one who has always had it in His hands. The classic attack of the enemy.

Trusting in God simply means- stop trying to control things yourself. As men and women, it can be hard to abide by that line, but it is the truth and if you think about it, that’s the whole point of putting our trust in God. Trying to control things that aren't meant for us to control contradicts the whole point of trusting in Him. Believe me, I am speaking to myself. 

If we are called to allow God to fight our battles and leave what is worrying us in the palm of His hands, then why don’t we do it? 

There are many reasons to that, from the slightest thing to the biggest thing. Any bit of uncertainty can make our flesh panic and in need of a helpful power, but that’s because we were designed for a need of a security as humans, and that’s Jesus Christ. 

It is the New Year, and with this New Year I want to encourage you all to remember who holds your world. Remember what God has done for you in your lifetime because just like He has came through for you before, He will always come through for you again, because He’s never changed. Our lack of trust can lead us in the opposite direction sometimes, but in Proverbs 3:5-6 it states, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thy own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths”(KJV).

When we let go of trying to control what is not ours to control, we allow God to step in and lead our worry into miracles, signs, and wonders, but it takes us(our flesh) to submit and allow His specific work to be done. It is hard, and it can be even harder when we don’t “see” what is being done for us on our part, but behind that all is God working behind the process and sometimes we just don’t see that yet. But we will! 

Prayer is everything and if we are praying and most importantly, believing that God is working a way out, by the faith we place in Him pleases Him and begans to manifest His hand upon our lives, because that’s just who He is. He is a miracle worker, a promise keeper, and with knowing that, that is where our security lies. In Him!

2020 was a challenge but 2021 will be a result of what that challenge was, and I believe that! 

Let’s re-direct our focus and trust God with the realization that He’s got you, and He always has.

He is never failing.  

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