His Will By Sabrina Santiago

“Let your will be done, Lord.” 

This sentence has been used many different times in our life. I myself have said this, but I still tried for things to be my way, and not His. This is how I finally understood and yielded to His will for my life, and that began with giving up control.  Let’s talk ;)

   As humans, we like to control things. We like to plan out our life and goals, along with what we want to buy or eat, and that’s natural because we are meant to prepare and plan our lives while we live on this earth, but to an extent. That’s where it can be challenging to let go of control.

 If you’re anything like me, you like to plan in advance. The future is your mindset, depending on your type of personality, but I have learned in my life that when we try to make happen what God intends for us or not, we find ourselves disappointed and highly exhausted. Overwhelming ourselves with what we want to happen, without analyzing whether or not God wants it for us to begin with. My perfectionism can get in the way, but here’s what happened.

 You will reach a point in time where you will feel so emotionally exhausted that you will give up trying to control things to happen that will not budge if it’s not God. The whole point that I was forgetting was, that if it’s not God’s will for it to happen in our life, then it will not at all, and no one can fight for it. The same goes for if something IS God’s will for our lives, no man can stop it.

 The whole part of contributing to God’s will in our lives is by living in submission and truly yielding and desiring what God will decide for us rather than ourselves.

 When I finally gave up control, I was at a place of wanting God to fully lead my life and not myself. That’s where I can say that now I truly see His goodness and His lead in my life so clearly and so powerfully. I’m glad I don’t live by my own lead anymore :)

 Recently, I had been praying for a specific job. I’ve wanted this particular job for a while although I did not have experience at the time, when it was presented to me, I prayed about it asking God for HIS WILL and not my own. And the answer was one I didn’t have to fight for :)

 When we pray, “Let your will be done, Lord.” He will hold you to your part, and you may feel overwhelmed and exhausted trying to fight against it, but when you pray that specific line, and really mean it, you have no rights anymore but God.

So let’s trust Him with every part of our life because He is wanting nothing but good even if we think our desires are ‘better.’

 A key tip on how we can notice if we truly are yielded to God’s will is by analyzing what we are praying about, and if we truly feel okay and comforted if the answer is ‘no.’ We will have desires, and God truly wants to give us those desires, but He knows better than we, and if truly are at peace and comforted no matter if it happens or not, then we are in the right place, and God’s will for our lives will fulfill greatly because we are wanting what He wants for us.

  Today I hope to encourage someone to let God truly lead their life. He wants the very best for you and for me, so why not try to give up an unrealistic control and allow God to order us somewhere more fulfilling than what we believe?

 You can do it! I promise it’s worth it ;)

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