Honesty is the Only Way By Sabrina Santiago

Honesty is the Only Way

Some people don’t like to show their vulnerability openly. While many may find it easier to allow themselves to express their hearts towards people or situations, there are some of those who find it a challenge to allow themselves to open up-but something so precious in the eyes of God is our vulnerability to Him. Our honesty and here’s why.


Discovering this truth in an 8 am class of mine, I found this fact to be so true considering how much it lines up with the character of God. Something discussed in my general Psychology class was the topic of emotions and how many of us tend to neglect what we are feeling and the result of that sometimes leads to individuals putting up walls even against God, and that is something that can hinder our relationship with Him-because He desires our honesty. When we are honest with ourselves, we are being truthful.


God knows our hearts. He knows our motives, how we feel, and how we think, but even though He knows us, He desires us to know Him, and that is by allowing Him to meet us where we are.

Life can be hard. We deal with many different challenges whether that’d be financially, spiritually, or through relationships-they all can disappoint us. But God won’t, He’s just calling us to talk with Him.


Although there is much I would like to say in every post I write, I want to encourage someone that it’s okay to let Him know you. If I can pass down any specific spiritual advice to anyone, one of them would include being honest with God. Not only in our words, but in our actions towards Him. Letting Him truly understand you, your heart, your thoughts, your hurts-everything, that’s when our relationship with Him is not only vulnerable, but it is pure and deep. Your relationship becomes intimate.


God’s not requiring perfection, He’s requiring honesty. Let Him in.

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