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How to Produce Productivity

I said the “p” word and I said it loud. I said it loud because it’s something we all struggle with. Productivity is a first-hand struggle for so many different people and that’s because we make it hard. Being productive doesn’t have to be hard, the actual idea of productivity is to make your life easier. Productivity is allowing you to be consistent and accountable to yourself every day. It is your ability to accomplish goals in a timely manner. Productivity isn’t procrastination and it isn’t accomplishing an insane amount of tasks a day. Productivity is setting goals and using time management to complete them. Productivity is your friend and will honestly allow you to live your life. Now that we are clear on what productivity is we can answer the next question. How exactly do we produce productivity?

Producing productivity is the ultimate goal for most people. I mean who doesn’t want to wake up at 6 am every day rested, organized and ready to tackle the day. Who doesn’t want to finish all the laundry, grocery store run, work out and clean the house before the kids come home or school work kicks in. I know the struggle of producing productivity in my own life and I also know that once I started how much richer my life became. I want to let y’all in on a little secret and that is that no one is perfect but we can be intentional. Intentional actions, planning, and thinking will get you on the right track to producing productivity. It will also get you on the right track with Jesus because he wants us to live intentionally. So this means taking time to be intentional about what you’re doing with your time. This could translate different for everyone but the idea is that productivity starts with YOU.

You know that phrase “let’s just get the ball rolling” well sometimes that’s all it takes to produce productivity. Simply by starting a task, you are producing productivity. We can break this down further to find out what we are good at in our day to day routine and what we struggle with. By doing this we are organizing our day, we are being intentional about recognizing where we need to spend our time and how much we need to accomplish to be deemed productive. No one is the same and some of us may be a maven at cooking so it isn’t as much as a challenge for us. There might be someone who is really amazing at cleaning but can not finish dinner consistently every night. These two different people have different strengths and different weaknesses. They may also have different goals for each day. Person A. may need to have the house tidy and dinner on the table by 6 pm every night. Person B. might need to be at work at 8 am and have dinner ready by 5 pm. Everyone is different so not everyone will have the same tactics for producing productivity. But the key is to realize in your life what are doable goals and what are reach for its goals. By determining these things you can really understand how you need to spend your time and where your time is going.

The person with a certain strength in one particular area is obviously going to be faster at completing that task and should arrange that task accordingly in their day differently than another person who is not so good at that.

We also need to establish where we spend most of our time during our day because while we often claim that 24 hrs in a day are not enough we might be spending a good 2 hrs throughout the day surfing social media. My grandma always said that television and cell phones were a thief of our time. My grandma actually refused to have a television in her home and when we went to her house we would never spend endless hours on our phones. She lived intentionally and never had to make time for God because God was her center. I think that by eliminating these little things that steal our time we will produce productivity. I mean if you look at the time used the tracker on your phone and you’re spending more time on Twitter than reading your bible you need to readjust.

So simply by doing these few things and by living intentionally, we can produce productivity. If your struggling with being productive ask God to help you because he cares about you care about. When you’re doing the laundry multi-task and before you start ask God to help you work efficiently. I’m telling you it will make the world of difference. When I do my Chinese homework I work much faster than when I do my Chemistry homework so I tend to do Chinese ahead of time to allow me more time for what I struggle with. I also am a full-time college student who works and blogs, I have to be intentional about recognizing what is impossible and what is possible. I have to say no and I have to understand that if I want to accomplish all my goals I may not get time to watch television. I also know that my days are a gift from God and that just as my grandma says we can’t let the enemy steal our time. When we start producing productivity we will start living a richer life. We will feel better, act better and be better. So how do you spend your time?

Ephesians 5:15 (AMP)​: Look carefully then how you walk! Live purposefully and worthily and accurately, not as the unwise and witless, but as wise (sensible, intelligent people),

By Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley a modest fashion blogger at A Missouri gal and undergraduate student at Sewanee: The University of The South. Alexa is a Psychology major on the Pre-Med track and is Chinese minor. She loves people and can’t wait to work as a doctor in the mission field one day soon! Follow her on instagram @1998miss​.

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