In a Silent Season, God Still Remains By Sabrina Santiago

We all have gone through seasons in our life, whether they were times of grief, loss, uncertainty, or silence, we have experienced a ‘wilderness’ or ‘valley’ at one point in time- or are currently.

 A ‘valley,’ or a ‘wilderness’ can display an exterior image to the opposite Christian party as ‘chastening’ or ‘God-less’ over an individual’s life from what they judge to perceive, but the truth is, it is in fact not a bad or negative place to be in at all. A season is not a punishing placement, but it can be if you choose to perceive it that way because what you think you see, you will eventually believe.

 The thing about a season is that, throughout it all, God still remains. He’s never left no matter how it feels.

The thing about a season is that, when it feels empty, lonely, and ‘unfruitful,’ it is the raw beginning of the flourishing fruits bearing on your tree that will sustain you for the mission ahead.

It is the growing pains within the process that is allowing you to come out of the valley or wilderness stronger with spiritual sensitivity, and with fruit that will sustain you for the assignment. And I don’t know about you, but I’m okay with that!    

 There is a season and a purpose under heaven for everything, and in order for us to reach higher in our callings and deeper in God, we must accept the season we are in and cooperate with it fully no matter the people we may lose in the process or the uncomfortable placement we may transition in. More importantly, we must remember and hold close to our hearts that God has never left our side in the position of where we stand in our season.

 It can be so easy to believe such a lie from the enemy, but throughout the ‘silent’ seasons in our life, comes the greatest sensitivity, the greatest growth, and the greatest accomplishments in God. A season is so significant and it is a good thing, during and ending.    

 If you seem to find yourself in a valley or wilderness, know that in order for you to get where you need to be in your character, relationship, or mission, understand that you must go through the refining process, and it is necessary for the great accomplishments you will do for Him. Think of it as your training.

 God has never left you. You will do AMAZING things in Him if you submit to the process.

 Take your season as an honor!

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