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Today I want to jump right in with a new topic that I have been feeling on my heart lately. If you follow me on Instagram @1998miss then you probably already know what I mean by #keepitreal. I don’t know if it’s coming back to reality from an amazing trip to Dubai Modest Fashion Week or if it’s just something God wants me to talk about, nonetheless today we’re gonna #keepitreal.

Keep it real basically means keeping it authentic, which, could be translated to honest, truthful and most importantly realistic. No one is perfect except Jesus, everyone else is flawed...that means the person you look up to the most, that Instagram gal, your best friend, your mom, me and even you are flawed. We’ve all got that little thing or maybe big thing that consistently keeps us down maybe it’s our work ethic, our attitudes, being selfish, the fact that you can’t really run fast, you struggle with your weight, have bad acne, etc. We have all got something!!! Here’s the thing, THAT IS OKAY! Yes, you heard me right... it’s okay that you are not perfect because you are human! We are all just doing life and to be honest, everyone is experiencing something or has experienced something that’s less than ideal. This may bring out those big uglies and we have to be honest about that. The purpose of that is to say while we are not perfect, Jesus is and the more we spend time with him the better we are going to become. Yes, I believe 100% Jesus can help you with your acne struggle, your confidence, your jealousy, your attitude, your DUH he’s God! He loves us and cares about US! He cares about you and he wants to help you with whatever you struggle with!

The next part of keeping it real is Instagram. We have to talk about it because it’s the tool we are sometimes using wrongfully to compare ourselves among ourselves. Cue scripture 2 Corinthians 10:12 “For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.” Y’all Instagram can literally be a tool that goes against what God’s word says! This isn’t to say Instagram is bad and that we can’t post our beautiful experiences but it does mean we MUST not compare ourselves using Instagram. It’s a highlight reel, that’s how it is designed to be! It’s a place to share the excitement and the good! It’s a place to talk about your experiences, fashion, music, God’s love, and truth. Instagram is a platform you can use to influence others and how you choose to do this reflects a lot on you.

It all goes back to being intentional with how you are living your life. If you are being intentional you will be cognizant of what you post online and the things that come with that. Things like, how it will make others feel and how it will make you feel later on etc. Keeping it really doesn’t mean posting an Instagram picture airing your dirty laundry, where you are looking your worst and captioning it with the negative words you're feeling about yourself. Don’t project those things! Keeping it real means having meaningful and authentic engagement with others when it’s not the norm. Honestly, you can interpret it keeping it real in whatever way you want to and apply it like that to your life because that’s what gives it power! It becomes powerful because it’s your voice in the keeping it real conversation it’s the voice your followers look up to and will respond to. It’s an open dialogue and you’re leading it!
Personally, I’m keeping it real by sharing the behind the scenes of my life, the late nights where I’m studying but I’m tired, the skin situation I contracted in Dubai, the filterless photos, the trips to CVS and the trips to Dubai. Keeping it real to me means showing people that my life isn’t always glamorous but when it is I celebrate my blessings. It’s showing
my less than perfect skin and Kleenexes in my nose because I have allergies. It’s the coffee picture where I’m still in the library at 3 am studying for a test. It’s being honest when engaging with others on Instagram.

It’s an exciting time that we can build our own platforms as bloggers and influencers spreading our message to the world with our own little spin on it. It’s amazing that I can stay connected with the people I met in Dubai when we are thousands of miles apart. It’s cool that small business owners are making profits and launching their companies using social media. It’s a blessing that I can market my dreams and beliefs to others through a feed of photos. It’s a miracle that the gospel is being ministered through stories and reaching people of all different backgrounds around the world. Instagram is amazing if we use it the right way.

It’s the influencer era and we all are influencers so let’s keep it real.

Today I challenge you because I feel this heavily on my heart. Are you using your platform for the right reasons? Are you using Instagram to compare yourself to others highlight reels? Are you keeping silent when you could be speaking life through social media? How are you influencing others?

By Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley a modest fashion blogger at A Missouri gal and undergraduate student at Sewanee: The University of The South. Alexa is a Psychology major on the Pre-Med track and is a Chinese minor. She loves people and can’t wait to work as a doctor in the mission field one day soon! Follow her on Instagram @1998miss.

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