Living a Prayer I Prayed 5 Years Ago By Sabrina Santiago

I always came across those instagram quotes that said something like, “You are living at least one of the prayers you prayed for 5 years ago,” or, “Thank God for answering a prayer you made 5 years ago.”

Once I thought of it, it was absolutely true.

5 years ago, one of the prayers I always prayed was the prayer of Bible College. Of course, 5 years ago, at the age of 17-18 when I first started praying for this matter, I was a bit discouraged when I had not seen it happen over time, but unexpectedly, God made a way, and now I attend Urshan College.

Urshan was never exactly the Bible College I had hoped to attend, but that’s what’s funny about it all because where I thought I wanted to be, God had other plans. It was still good, and it was something I needed- growth.

Soon entering my junior year of college at Urshan, I look back and I definitely remember how God orchestrated every decision and every step to lead where I am now. My desire for Bible College was viewed as impossible for a period of time. I did consistently pray about it, and after a while it suddenly happened, and I can honestly say that I am living at least one of the prayer I prayed for 5 years ago. It was all God!

My encouragement to anyone reading this blog today, is to continue praying for the desires of your heart while also desiring and accepting God’s will. For example, in my case, when I thought I would be at a certain Bible College, God placed me where I am now, because it is what I needed but the point is that He still fulfilled my desire and my prayer years ago.

Do not be discouraged about the prayers and desires you have in God right now. As I thought before, my desire of Bible College seemed so far away, but as I look back, God fulfilled a desire of mine, and I could have chose to keep praying and believing, or give up. But I chose otherwise.

God understands the desires of your heart, and if we know how to give good gifts as people in this world, how much more can God? He loves us and He wants us to lay our dreams in His hands, and He knows what’s best.

Stay encouraged and believe that He is working for you- whatever that may be.

Your prayers are being fulfilled in His time, and when they come to pass, never forget to thank God for His goodness. He loves you and He will give you the desires of your heart :)

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