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Why I became a modest fashion blogger at & how to get started.  
We as Christian women embrace modesty because God called us to do so. It's empowering and it's the very reason I started my blog at I didn't always choose modesty although I have always chosen the apostolic pentecostal faith. I made the decision when I turned 17 at Holiday Youth Convention for the state of Arkansas. I felt God tugging on my heart for a while to make the change but I didn't commit until I began to study the word. When I felt God speaking to me on the subject of modesty I started my own journey. My mother was raised Catholic and she got the Holy Ghost at age 16 when she moved to California. Soon after she chose the apostolic faith and began her modest journey. She wanted me to have the same freedom to choose because she knew there was power in it if I decided myself. She also wanted me to understand the why because without understanding it is just religion. When I decided for myself she was so happy and she kept me accountable when I struggled with the transition. For that, I am so thankful! God was so good when he gave me my mom because she has been the greatest blessing of all time! 
Anyways so when I understand in the scripture I began to love modesty. I was always delighted to be the only gal in my friend group wearing a skirt. I also loved when people began to ask why I only wore skirts because it was an opportunity to talk about the truth. A couple of months later I prayed about starting a modest fashion blog. My mom was my number one cheerleader throughout the entire process! I found that God was directing my steps to advocate for modest fashion and my journey with it. I began to save my money to buy my domain and after a couple of months, I had what I needed. I explored how to start a blog-let me tell ya that was an adventure because I had no idea! I knew I needed to buy a web address (domain) but that was all I knew. I eventually found Wordpress and got started. Of course, it actually was not THAT SIMPLE. I spent an entire week reading in a book store all the blog books I could find! After that, I really just did trial and error.
Coming up with my domain name was the hardest part of the process but when I did I stuck with it. I had been 1998miss on Instagram for a while and I remember spending HOURS, DAYS & MONTHS coming up with that-so naturally it transitioned well.
All the time I get questions about HOW I started, WHY I started it and WHAT to do to make a blog successful. I am overjoyed by these questions because one day a very long time ago I was that girl asking those very same questions to bloggers I loved. My response to these questions is generally always the same… I JUST WENT FOR IT. I said I'm doing this and I'm going to fail but that's okay because I can not get anywhere if I'm not willing to start. In communicating with these different gals usually through Instagram I always encourage them to just get started because that's really all it takes! It's also WORK. Anyone who thinks that blogging is easy is mistaken because it is like another full-time job. It is what I spend my time on outside of my studies and it is WORK. In order to be competitive and successful as a blogger, you have to be ALWAYS working. There is not a good time to document and as you go you find your rhythm. I would also say that you need to know what exactly you want to put out there because unfortunately, you can't do it all. I'm a modest fashion blogger on the forefront but I also share my life as a college student and my travels. I've narrowed down my interests by seeing what people respond to on my posts and went with those. I recommend you do the same. 
Finally, success will come. It has taken me three years to get an organic following (real followers) of 10,000 through all of my platforms. How did I do it? HARD WORK. I never stop working on it and I'm thankful to God for blessing it. When I started my blog I gave it to God in prayer and I have watched him bless it. He has opened the door for me to speak at DUBAI MODEST FASHION WEEK-my dream when I started was to attend LONDON MODEST FASHION WEEK and look at JESUS. He literally not only got me there but organized for me to SPEAK AT FASHION WEEK. From that opportunity, I was able to meet some truly amazing women and contacts! The blessings from Dubai are still rolling! (Also the coolest: It literally felt unreal and still feels unreal. I literally met women who are models for major iconic brands and have STUNNED THE COVER OF VOUGE!) So let me tell you the # of followers you have truly is not the most important aspect of blogging because if you give not to God he will bless it. He will blow your mind. 
I'm so sure Michelle the founder of Skirt Society has a similar opinion on how she launched her brand and how you can. Invest time and energy. Trust God and GIVE IT TO HIM. 
P.S. The failures I'm referring to in my journey on are all apart of my journey and I can tell you for sure there is a big difference between my first post and my last post. I urge you to check it out because it will motivate you. You learn as you go! 

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