Need a Bible Method? By Sabrina Santiago

Need a Bible Method?

It is important for us to put God first in our everyday lives. 

Without an intimate relationship with Him, the more we are prone to being spiritually dead inside. 

Our souls crave and hunger a deep connection with our creator.

Just like our bodies, we have to continually feed our flesh for us to stay alive, right? 

Well, it is the same concept as that but spiritually, which is why today’s blog will be more of a focused guideline all on the 

“how to” when it comes to having a devoted Bible plan! 

So first thing’s first, there really is no specific way of doing or having a Bible routine. Although we all have a certain way of studying, I do want to share my personal method and try to help anyone who is searching! 

Lately, I have received many questions about how to have a Bible routine and how to study it, and it’s actually very simple, and I will show you. 

First of all, our souls have to be fed on a day-to-day basis through prayer and meditation on the word of God. 

It’s a must, it should be our priority, actually.

Just like anything alive, without nurturing it with substance, it will wither away and die. Think about it, without feeding our God living spirit inside of us, we can cause it to die out just like if our flesh were to. 

It is absolutely the same conceptualization! 

It is very hazardous and can lead to becoming spiritually dead, which is what we have to fight against in the spirit with our prayer AND word to use against the enemy. That is our weapon! 

Being, or becoming spiritually dead is dangerous and is not something to take lightly.  

Being, or becoming carnally blinded can be very serious as well, and can lead you into a state of a reprimanded mind. 

A big NO, which is why having a devoted, communicated, and intimate relationship with God is so very important.  

We need to know our Bible, guys! 

We must read, but not only just to read it to get it over with, but to read it and really meditate on His word and the meaning/symbolization behind it all. 

We need a relationship with our Lord, and I will show you just how you can start!

Again, there is no specific way of doing so, everyone has their own way of learning/comprehending and holding information to their memory, but whatever works for you, I suggest maybe picking and adding to your own method of study! 

It is very simple to start and here’s how you can!

1. Pick a time and place: Usually with a Biblical study method, you want to pick a time when you are completely free from all distraction and a place where you are completely focused. This can be anytime of day but if you have a consistent schedule, planning alone time before or after is usually what is best. Preferably before. It should be our first start to the day!   

2. Dedication is key: Once you have chosen the time and area of your Bible study, STICK WITH IT. Adapting to a new process can be a little challenging, especially if you’re not necessarily a morning bird(lol), but our physical and spiritual sacrifice towards the set goal will bring forth the dedication we possess in our hearts, but we have to be willing. Sticking with it is our dedication to Him! 

3. Think about what it is you choose to study: Personally, I’m working on studying the Bible from beginning to end(I like knowing things in order). You can choose any book to meditate on, but if you don’t know where to start or have never read through the entire Bible, I suggest starting from the beginning! 

4. Take notes: As simple as that! Take notes of everything you read! Purchase a notebook or find something you own and write down facts and summaries about what you are reading. Categorize, underline important verses, highlight, and always stay organized! Keep a journal/notebook dedicated to your studying only. A part of remembering what you have learned is by jotting it down!

5. Don’t overload your mind: Never rush! The point of a Bible routine is to study the Bible more thoroughly and to have an understanding of who our God really is. Don’t overload your mind with so much information that you can’t remember what you even read. Lots of things happen in the Bible! We need to make sure that we are studying at a moderate pace. Never rush or skim through material without a full/complete understanding!    

6. Think about it: When reading the verses, take some at a time, stop and think about what you just read. If you read quickly and can understand it pretty fast, then I say do what works best for you, but if you like to take your time and really know what’s going on, read them and take a minute to re-think everything you just spoke with your imagination. It sounds silly but it really helps(lol). Re-reading/imagining what goes on helps you retain it better in memory/thought process. Challenge yourself by even asking some questions! 

7. Lastly, pray: Now that we have all of our basic guides to studying the word of God, we must always incorporate prayer in some way. Either before you study, or after you study. We have to have balance no matter what!

Now that you have all the tools you need, use them in ways that will work best for you! Again, this is my personal way of studying the Bible but if you plan to do it your own way, or pick and pull, then that’s completely fine as well! 

Figure out what works best for you to learn and obtain the word in your minds and hearts. We all have our own way! 

Hopefully this was helpful for anyone searching for an idea to start their own personal method. You got this, you all can do it!

Let’s maybe even start that today :) 


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