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Most people say it only takes two weeks into the new year for you to drop your new year resolutions. You know what we should be saying if you fail at two weeks get back up and try again. If you mess up at two weeks on a new year diet be ready to go again the next day. You are capable of doing ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO. Do you know why? It’s because you have the help of the almighty one, Jesus Christ. Don’t let people define or measure your success.

 God wants to help you in all of your endeavors big and small!

Small might be making an effort to be fifteen minutes early for work every day (or almost every day) in this new year. Some people would say that they need to change their morning routine but we should also be asking God to help us. It doesn’t have to be a big dramatic resolution for God to desire to help us. You see God knows the desires of our hearts and when we make him Lord of our life he becomes involved with every single aspect-even being 15 minutes early for work.

I know that might sound silly or may even remind you of the people who thank Jesus for a close parking spot but it’s true. Those folks have the hang of it and I guarantee you they live with more favor than most because they allow God to work in their life both big and small. So next time you pull up to Kroger and it’s freezing outside ask God to help you find a parking spot-we should pray in all we do. Now I know this started on the topic of resolutions but I had to take some time to make this point because I’ve seen so much favor in my own life.
So anyways back to resolutions because it’s such a hot topic right now being January so what are yours? Did you set some goals for 2019 because having an expectation to grow and succeed really determines if you will in this new year? I always look forward to New Years as one of my favorite holidays. It has actually been my favorite since I was a little girl. I have big plans for the future New Years in my life and it’s because it offers a glistening promise for the future. I am not one of those people who says “new year, new me” but rather one who says “new year, best me”! I say this because I never ever want to throw away past years of my life even if they are dark and they hurt to think about. Do you know why? It’s because every single day of each and every year is a gift from God. If he brings you to a trial it’s because he wants you to learn something and he will bring you through it. He never gives you more than you can handle!

For example, 2018 was an exciting year for me as I visited China the country I am called to (missions) and because I started working for Skirt Society (my all time favorite brand)...but 2018 was also a gruesomely hard year as my family battled something horrible!! Although I never wish to relive the pain that we felt, I could never throw away 2018 and say “new year, new me” because that would defeat the stronger Alexa that I became during this year. By saying “new year, best me” it’s taking the good with the bad and seeing the beauty in yourself. It’s saying wow there is so much potential for growth in this new year and I am going to be the best me I can be building off of the past. You see experience builds character and the more you know this the more you can grow.

2018 was beautiful and broken all at the same time-it defined me and made me who I am today. Did it for you?

Maybe not but you must believe every day that each and every moment is a profound gift from God. Let it be a beautiful and broken 2019 by deciding to let God be the Lord of your Life.

For if you do God will bless you both big and small. He will give you favor in all you wish to do. He will honor your dreams and endeavors. He will give you all the close parking spots and help you get to work 20 minutes early every day if you let him.

So if you haven’t yet, take the time to make some resolutions and then take some more time to surrender them to God. Tell him “Lord these are my goals for the new year, these are the desires of my heart and if there is anything there that wouldn’t be good for me help me to identify it and remove it. Lord if these goals will please you and better me as an individual help me to achieve them this year. Lord 2019 is a great year with the potential for great things and I give it to you to do with it what you desire. God your plans for me are perfect and I trust you. You are Lord of my Life. I ask that you help me with my goals this year both big and small because with you I can do ALL THINGS.

If you wish to see some of my personal goals this year head over to to read my year in review blog post. P.S. you can also read about God’s extreme favor in my life there too.

By Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley a modest fashion blogger at A Missouri gal and undergraduate student at Sewanee: The University of The South. Alexa is a Psychology major on the Pre-Med track and is a Chinese minor. She loves people and can’t wait to work as a doctor in the mission field one day soon! Follow her on Instagram @1998miss.

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