Physical Health By Sabrina Santiago

It IS God’s will that our lives are healed!

Let’s talk about it :)


 Recently I have found such an inspiration to speak about physical health as much as I love to speak about mental health and self-care, and with many mixed views and beliefs about health and medication, I believe that it is important to acknowledge these matters and understand them to an extent.


Recently, I have checked-in with my local Dr. to look into a few health concerns of mine, and with healthy results, it made me truly understand the importance of physical health and how I could have been in a placement of uncertainty and fear because of passed down conditions, as I was for a few days, but God has been so good and faithful, and always will be!


Throughout the New Testament, we see Jesus perform many miracles, signs, and wonders, especially when it came to healing the sick in body. In each gospel(Matt., Mark, Luke, & John), we regularly read about Jesus healing the sick and curing their infirmities, showing us today that Jesus cares about our health as He did those people recorded, and if it wasn’t something important for us to maintain, then Jesus would have never took the time to heal the sick in body or in spirit, but He did and He did it as many gathered to watch.

Jesus definitely cares about our health!


        I write all of this to say that although we all have different opinions and beliefs about health and medication, I ultimately believe that God is our healer, but it is also important to obtain wisdom naturally and Biblically for our health in general, and there is nothing wrong with it.

-A small interesting fact, if you read in Colossians 4:14 it says, “Luke the beloved physician and Demas greet you.” In this verse, it is clarified that Luke was a doctor!


Of course, I do not fully believe in medication or the word of man, but I believe that there is nothing wrong with seeking professional help to avoid genetic or current illnesses that can damage our temple further. Of course, many solutions to sicknesses require medication, but when it comes to that point, I believe that is when we can pray about it and seek our pastoral guidance if synthetic or natural supplements are wise to take in our particular case. Health-care is there for our benefit and safety and God wants us to take care of our temple!


Jesus healed the woman with the issue of blood, He healed the lepers, the possessed, the blind, the mute, the paralyzed, and much much more.

What makes you think He does not want the same for you? He most definitely does, and that is why He placed people in our world that have certain giftings and talents to help each other as the body. You are not a hypochondriac for caring about your body, and you are not a bad Chrsitian for seeking doctoral help. There is no condemnation in that : )


Today I hope to inspire anyone who is battling the decision of health concerns or even the decision to get checked for something you may be concerned about. Something that dropped in my spirit is this: If we cannot keep our health proper, then how can we be used for God’s kingdom or serve effectively knowing that we are abusing our health? We still can be used, but serving in God’s kingdom requires full effort, and if we abuse our temple, then what good is that?

Jesus loves us just as much as He showed His love for those He healed, and even more than that.



We must have wisdom and we must take care of our temple that is not our own.


I hope you all are having a great day : )  

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