Self-Care By Sabrina Santiago

 Self-care has been overlooked in so many ways, even in the church, but the truth is, self-care is so vital as human beings.

 Growing up, self-care was not considered important. It was never acknowledged, and if it was, it was acknowledged as a negative matter leaving many to believe that they were ‘lazy’ or ‘dead-beat.’

 With this viewpoint instilled in many people, even to this day, our world(and churches) have been slowly but informatively awaring individuals that self-care is not a negative thing- it is a vital aspect to one’s life.

 God made us in His image, and as humans, we are humans-not robots. Realistically, many have worn themselves out to the extent of having major health problems or even unexpected health problems that display in their health because of the unrealistic overload accommodated each day. Since the perception of self-care has been overlooked as a negative aspect over time, it is hard for many individuals to accept rest for themselves, believing they are useless or ‘sloppy,’ when really, it is realistic.

 Rest is not a bad thing. God rested after creating the world, Jesus took a nap on the boat during a storm. If our God recorded in His word instances of rest, then it was to display that rest is needed in one’s life and it is not a negative concept.

 Rest and even any sort of self-care should definitely be balanced. Of course I am not advocating selfishness or laziness, but I am speaking of rest in an appropriate and balanced modification. Self-care does not exclude life, but it should always be practiced in appropriate settings.

 Self-care could look like physically resting your body, or just taking alone time to regain energy or motivation. Either way, resting was never intended to be a negative matter but a beneficial aspect of rejuvenation.

 God created us to worship Him, make disciples of all nations, and to preach the gospel… but we cannot do a portion of that if we do not take care of ourselves. We cannot give if we have nothing left to give. Resting is vital and it is Biblical :)

 Understand that your body is a temple, and it is for His Glory. He made you to need rest :)    

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