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Hey gals happy happy happy Wednesday! I pray that you all have had a great start to your week and that you would be blessed in all of your endeavors!

Today I want to slow things down a little bit and share something that has been on my heart.


We all love it and we all listen to it. If you think about it, music is probably present in your life on the daily. I listen to music when I’m getting ready for class, cleaning, driving and I often sing throughout the day. I love to sing and I usually sing whatever song I last listened to. It’s the tune I hum all throughout the day because I literally have a song in my heart! It’s important that I am mindful of what this tune is because it will impact everything around me.

Music is more powerful than we may realize. It has the power to affect our mood, our thoughts, our feelings and the way we live. Music isn’t something we can take lightly. Just like in other areas we must be intentional about what we subject our ears to.

My great grandmother used to sing my big sister and I this song. “Be careful little eyes what you see, be careful little ears what you hear, be careful little mouth what you say...for the father up above is watching down on thee, be careful little miss what you do!” I haven’t forgotten it after all those years ago because it really is impacting. My great grandmother Virginia has been gone now for 8 years and I miss her so much. She had such an impact on my life and on the lives of those around her. I can’t talk about this topic without taking the time to praise her for her direction in my life. She was a living example of a Proverbs 31 woman + more. I think she was a living angel on earth (like for REAL). So this can also be a plug for you to take a moment to pause and think about someone who has had an impact on you. If they are still living PLEASE take the time now to reach out to them. My grandmother passed away when I was 13 years old and I wish that I could tell her every day how much she impacted me.

Furthermore, the song that she sang to us was the best way to remind my sister and I to be mindful about what we subject ourselves to. I could do an entirely separate blog post about the influence of television in our lives but I think music is more relevant to today’s conversation. I personally have been feeling God directing me to this topic because I think music is more accessed than television. But to be clear this does apply to all the areas of that song + beyond!! Oh and notice it’s been a song I’ve known for almost 18 years.....songs stick with is powerful!!

Another side note: I did bible quizzing in middle school and to help me learn the verses I would make them into songs....I still remember them because I associated a song with them. Don’t tell me music isn’t powerful.

Did you know that Satan was the HEAD ANGEL of MUSIC before God cast him out of heaven?

The Bible says in Ezekiel 28:13, "The workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.”

Here God is talking about Satan.

Additionally, in Isaiah 14:11-12 New International Version (NIV)

All your pomp has been brought down to the grave,
 along with the noise of your harps;
 maggots are spread out beneath you
 and worms cover you.
How you have fallen from heaven,
 morning star, son of the dawn!

You have been cast down to the earth,
 you who once laid low the nations!

Here God is also talking about satan and look at the musical references!

We see that Satan was cast down from heaven and is roaming the earth seeking to steal, kill and destroy. He was an angel of music. If you think for a second that he isn’t trying to get to you through the music you subject yourself to you are sorely mistaken. He will try to get at you ANY WAY HE can and music is one of the most crafty ways he can get to you. It is his mission to keep you from Jesus. It is a mission to recruit you to hell. If he can get you thinking perverse thoughts through the music that you listen to...believe me he will. Satan will stop at nothing because he wants your soul.

This isn’t to say all music besides Gospel is bad but it does mean we must guard our hearts. You may not even realize what the lyrics are to a song you are listening to but that is why we must be wary. Especially if Jesus has given you a gift of a voice or any kind of music inclination. Satan is gunning for you. So often artists start out pursuing music glorifying God but then switch to music glorifying fornication and the things of this world. It’s because this sells and it’s because the devil wants to use you for his choir! (Whitney Houston)

Whatever music we listen to becomes our worship. The music we listen to all week and then go to church on a Sunday will have an impact. I’ll prove it to you!! I did an experiment to test this theory and it was powerful!

I make it my effort to listen to something that uplifts me before I head to class because I notice a significant difference in my attitude when I do. If I listen to a fun upbeat song I head to class a little differently than I do when I listened to gospel music. When I listen to music that glorifies Jesus it has a significance. I start my day with a cheerful heart acknowledging the king of kings first thing in the morning. My worship to Jesus sets the tone for the day. The bible says the rocks will even cry out...PROFOUND! When I start my day to for example one of my favorite songs Let it Go from Disney it is positive but it isn’t the same as when I listen to Chasing you by Tye Tribute and New Breed!

Music was made in Heaven! God made music to worship. That is its sole purpose. So whatever you bob your head to in the car, and hum throughout the day is worship...let it be for Jesus. Don’t let the world rob you of the glory of your worship that belongs to Jesus.

This week test it out. Be very intentional about what music you subject yourself to. I love jazz music and Disney...these are not bad things but they should be listened to in moderation. We should be mindful of where our worship is going. This week listen only to gospel music. If you already do this...AMAZING! YOU GO GAL! If you don’t I am telling you there will be profound impacts! Just wait until your midweek service...all week long if you have allowed the presence of Jesus to surround you and there will be an impact when you get to the house of the lord! JUST WAIT!!! I PROMISE!

I love you all & I pray this ministers to you. I love music, which, is why I feel like God has prompted me with this message!

Be mindful as I must be mindful! It’s for our good.

By Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley a modest fashion blogger at A Missouri gal and undergraduate student at Sewanee studying Psychology, Pre-Med and Chinese. Alexa is called to missions and you can follow her on instagram @1998miss

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