Tithing By Sabrina Santiago

Tithing is a powerful act of worship unto God, and it still remains the same today.

Let’s talk about it!


Growing up in the church, we all have heard about the importance of giving our ‘tithes’ and ‘offerings’ unto the Lord, and many have wondered why it was so important and why it is still required of a believer to do so, and today I will be covering something I have specifically experienced with this matter and how our obedience/giving of tithes blesses us in the future! Not only is tithing a matter to “get,” but a matter to give honor where honor is due, and as a Christian, our honor is to be given unto God-who our honor belongs to.


Growing up in church, my understanding of tithing was not as nearly advanced as it is now, and throughout that time, I would give my tithes just to give it, but when we realize the importance of our giving rather than just “knowing” it, our perspective shifts, but more importantly, our heart towards God in our giving shifts- for the better!


First off, tithing is Biblical. In Lev. 27: 30 it states, “And all the tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land, or of the fruit of the tree, is the Lord’s: it is holy unto the Lord.”

This verse is clear to let us know that what we labor in our land(from our work), is significant to the Lord, and a part of that is honor unto God.

A few verses following that in Lev. 27: 34 it then states, “And concerning the tithe of the herd, or of the flock, even of whatsoever passeth under the rod, the tenth shall be holy unto the Lord.” This verse again clarifies that what we labor in our work of any kind belongs to God, specifically 10%.

Why is tithing 10% specifically? I am not sure, but I plan to look into it! But, what I do know is that, out of the percentages of receiving for oneself, 10% is the lowest anyone could agree to receive within a covenant involving money, and tithing is a part of our covenant with God. This shows me that God does not rob us, but is requiring the least of our commitment, reassuring that He really is NOT a selfish God. But, sometimes we can be His robber when we do not give the 10% of what has always belonged to Him in the beginning, and that’s where we’ll go deeper.  


Secondly, tithing is significant and powerful, and it takes the hands of the devourer off of our backs. From the versus provided, tithing has always been and will always remain Biblical, we now know that, but tithing has always held a powerful symbolic significance in the act of obedience and submission unto God, and with our obedience, the enemy cannot prosper in our lives.

 When we tithe, the enemy has no hold over our finances or lives (although there will still be obstacles), but when we do not tithe, our lives usually become greatly attacked leaving us powerless.


Tithing doesn’t determine whether God is with us or will work for our good. He is and always will be with us no matter what, but tithing is a part of our relationship with God, and what I have noticed in my life is when I had not tithed in the past for a period, everything was under attack, and my thought now is ‘how could I have expected God to come through for me so much if I did not give of myself what was owed to Him in the beginning?’


Yes, it was by the Grace of God that He still worked on my behalf, but it was definitely always hard. Over the past years I have seen that my act of obedience to tithing has now opened so many unexpected doors and blessings to open up even when I am tempted every so often with the thought of  “I can just pay it next week in a bulk” (if we are being real with ourselves). Never have I since, because I realize too much to abuse my commitment, but I am now sharing the importance of it because I truly understand the significance behind it all, and I choose to honor God with my life. Tithing does change our hearts towards giving what is due to God- for the better!

Now knowing and realizing what tithing is on a deeper level from the word, many do not remember that with our act of obedience to His word provided and our obedience towards our act of worship unto Him, blesses us for our truthful submission.

Tithing is Biblical, tithing is powerful, tithing takes the hands of the devourer off of our backs, and tithing allows God to bless us in many ways we will not expect!

As I thought about what to write for today’s blog, I have truly felt the need to address the importance of tithing because it is still required of our submission unto God, and I truly hope to inspire those who may not notice they are bypassing something that is still so powerful and important to God.

Today’s blog is not to condemn anyone, but rather to examine ourselves and realize what we are doing to further our relationship with God, and to just simply sacrifice what has already been due unto Him with the right heart. God loves us so much, and He is and will always be for us no matter what, but sometimes we cannot move forward in God’s plan as we think we are or desire too because we are being hindered by what we are not sacrificing in the flesh/spiritual. Today, I believe that will change, and many will commit again :)


Today I hope I have uplifted those who may not realize they were not giving in a certain area, and I hope to have encouraged the right heart of which we must have towards giving in that certain area. I believe that with God, He will show forth in every way, but sometimes we must understand a step we could be missing in order for those things to fully fulfill in our lives.

 By our obedience :)


I hope you all are having a great day!

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