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A word that we often cringe at just the use of it. A word that is abused, overlooked, and sometimes even misused. We are taught to trust in God, to trust our spouses, and to trust our dearest friends. Although we don’t very often hear to trust in yourself. Now don’t think this is a boastful, prideful, or obscure statement that I have just said. It is of the utmost importance to trust in God which my husband and I do every day. It is trust in our marriage that keeps us so close. And it is trust in my friends that I can rely on. Those are all subjects for another day but today we need to get down to the nitty gritty.

Trusting yourself is one of the most important attributes you can have. We read of a story in the book of Judges about a young man named Gideon. The children of Israel had fell in the captivity of the Midianites and Gideon is down in the wine press threshing wheat. God begins to call him to go and deliver Israel from the Midianites. Despite God’s call in his life, speaking to him directly, and calling him a mighty man of valor Daniel still doesn’t believe in himself.

Daniel doesn’t trust himself to be the person to fulfill the plan of God or to be the warrior God has called him to be. We must know that God has a plan for us to fulfill. We must know that we have mighty things through Christ we will accomplish. We must know we have the ability to fulfill our goals, pursue our ambitions, and live a life full of happiness.

In order for that to be so, we must learn to trust our self! Trust that within us we have the ability to do and be what God has designed us to be. Often to many times we find our self saying “I’m not smart enough.” “I don’t have the strength to see it through.Honey, let me tell you that you do! You do have the strength; the Bible says so in Philippians 4:13 For I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Gideon went on with 300 men to overcome the Midianites and fulfill the purpose of God in his life! So don’t let your failures, mishaps, or downfalls break the trust you have with yourself. We all have shortcomings as David, Moses, Noah, Samuel, Peter and other great men in the Bible did. Yet, they refused to stop pursuing and trusting that God had given the ability to do what God has set before them.

Pick your head up and believe in yourself to get that job, to go back to school, to work in that ministry, to better your family, to strengthen your marriage, and to fulfill the will of God in your life. Trust in yourself that with God you can do the impossible. There is nothing too far gone or too far stretched that you can’t handle. We always say trust is the hardest thing to regain. Such as forgiveness is the hardest thing to give. What makes it harder is when we try to trust or forgive our self.

Can you today look in the mirror and trust yourself one more time? Believe in yourself one more time. When we learn to trust our self, opinions of others will not bother us as much. We will learn to discover that we are not pushing to gain other people’s approval that says you can do it or you have the ability to do it. When we trust our self, we know that we can do it! When we believe in our self we don’t seek approval from others because we have the feeling of fulfillment.

So today start believing and trusting in yourself that you can do it. Mom, wife, daughter, sister, or woman of God know that God has placed within you everything you need to be all God has called you to be. Today know that you have the strength, courage, faith, patience, love, and ability to see your dreams come true!



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