Uncut Glory - By Sabrina Santiago

As Godly women, our unique character and beauty speak volumes for itself.

 Our actions, our words, our hearts, our physical representation- all of them reflect and portray who we truly are inside and how we truly love and respect the Lord.

As women, we represent His Glory, and He’s given us a beautiful and significant gift to display His Glory by our natural outer appearance. Particularly-our hair.

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     Recently, I have been so deeply inspired and touched by the verse found in 1 Corinthians 11:15 which states, “But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her. For her hair is given to her for a covering.”

 I found this so significant and important lately because it is something so rarely spoken about that I found a deep drawing towards the matter, and this is what I simply want to encourage every woman today: Your uncut hair is A Glory, it is your beauty and submission to God.

            I watched a Youtube video once titled, ‘Your hair, Your glory,’ by a young woman named Charity Umar. In this video, she simply explains what scripture tells us about a woman’s hair as it is “a glory to her.” Charity covers in her video that the word ‘Glory’ derives from the word ‘Glow,’ which means to shine and stand out, etc. If we look at the Greek meaning of the word ‘Glory,’ it translates into the word ‘Doxa,’ which in English, translates to, “To appear” and “to seem.” All referring to the meaning of appearance. Our uncut hair is a glowing aspect that makes us stand out and reflect God’s beauty outwardly!

         Lastly, uncut hair is our beauty and submission towards God.

Recently, I have talked about the topic of uncut hair with a couple of friends, and we tried to pin-point why this belief is never spoken of hardly, and I believe a part of it is because, many women feel targeted if their hair is not long enough, but the key point of it is not the length of our hair, but the fact if it’s ever been cut. And if it has, there is always a fresh start to re-commit to God as if it never happened. That’s the best part.

 Our Glory, specifically given to us as women by God, is the most beautiful physical trait we can withhold. Our hair is our veil and our covering. It is a natural beauty and peculiar aspect of who we are separate from the appearance of this world, and that is so beautiful!

 When we commit ourselves to keep our vow of uncut hair, there is submission involved, and that holds power. Our obedience pleases God, and we should not only commit without desire, but we should commit with His same desire. Keeping our hair as a Glory of Him.

Power, blessings, and beauty follow with our pure heart of submission. We are not submitting to man’s word, but God’s word and His authority!

 For today’s blog, I hope to have inspired a desire to embrace the beauty and power of your uncut hair or to even simply decide to re-commit to Jesus. It does not matter the length of your hair but it matters whether a blade was ever put towards it in intentionality.

 Whoever is reading this, I love you, I’m proud of your commitment, and I pray you are thankful for your hair, and that you embrace its natural beauty.

 You’re powerful ;)

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