Understanding You are Valuable By Sabrina Santiago


As Godly women, it is so important for us to understand that we are valuable and unique as ourselves and more importantly, in the eyes of God.

~It is one thing to ‘know’ that, and it is another to ‘realize’ it. We must ‘realize’ it, or it can turn into something we do not want spiritually within ourselves… and we will cover that :)

 One thing I commonly notice/intuitively study in young women is the fact that when they do not understand their own value, they portray as someone they are not or mock someone they privately admire and become so focused on those they look up to, resulting in hidden insecurity that is not so quietly hidden, but rather loud. Rooting from something never taken care of in the beginning-knowing your value in God.  

Knowing our value in God means, knowing that you will never be exactly like someone else, and being okay with that. Knowing our value in God looks like knowing His word, and realizing that we are called, chosen, anointed, beautiful, and particular in His eyes. Our calling may be placed in a different area than someone else’s, and that is okay. Our anointing may display and resinate in unique ways vs. someone else’s, and that’s okay. Our beauty physically and character wise may vary from someone else's that they may hold, and that is okay.

 When we stop and think about these things and truly accept that we are purposely different and honestly be okay with that, we are spiritually mature in that aspect, and our time and focus is not on them anymore, but on more important things- God, the kingdom, and our own refining.    

 I truly understand that it is easier said than done, because I believe there is no such thing as ‘small things’ when it takes time of healing and building to fully become whole again, and as  I understand that completely( because we all come from different backgrounds, lifestyles, support groups, and current situations), one thing that I will emphasis is that, if one truly desires relationship, anointing, and growth in character and spirit in Jesus, they will put forth the effort of admitting their true feelings and seek the proper help and healing, which can all be found in Jesus-where our value lies.

     I often receive messages and questions about personal growth, relationship with Jesus, and just girl talk in general-relating a lot in understanding ourselves as women, and this is why I believe it is vital to first understand who we are, before we are trapped in the enemy’s game. ~When we do not understand our value, we can become unsatisfied, envious, and negative in character (even if it’s portrayed as ‘positive’), and that leaves us ineffective in anointing, ministry, and even our own relationship with God, because when we are not content with who we are and how God purposely created us to be, we become obsessive and jealous with someone that we may hold inspiring or admiring. Resulting in deeper spiritual wounds, causing them to reflect outwardly in the natural- and it is easily seen through those in the Spirit.

        Today I write this blog hoping to raise spiritual awareness and encourage those back to Jesus, where our hearts, spirit, confidence, and values are held. For us to cure anything we may be unsatisfied with truly only comes from an honest journey with God. Mending does not come within a day or a week- it takes time. That time may depend on how willing we may become to the process (will we push it away or allow the breaking and healing to happen?), and how much we really desire to be mended within ourselves so that we can fully be who we are, and not a copy of someone else.  

 As always, I encourage you to cut out anything that may be negative or un-benefiting to your spirit and mental health. If it is social media, un-uplifting posts, negative people etc., fast from it, cut it out and truly begin your journey of mending and figuring out who you are as a unique Godly woman.  

 You will realize that the way you are intentionally made, the field of calling you are chosen for, the spiritual gifts you hold, the unique beauty you display, and the anointing you carry that unveils differently but powerfully is how God purposely made it to be for YOU and ONLY you. You are a part of the body- you may be a different part :)

God loves us so much. He provides, He’s on time, He’s loving, He’s perfect, and through it all He still cares for our hearts and our self-esteem that He IS willing to mend us if we just ask and truly seek. If He cares about feeding the birds, how much more does He care about you?

You will find so much confidence, strength, and joy in your relationship with God and in who He has made you to be, and that follows with many good things :)

 I hope you all are truly inspired, and I hope you all are having the best day!        

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