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Happy week of Valentine’s Day to all the Skirt Society gals out there! Sending you lots of love today and every day! I can’t believe we are on the 13th blog post ever! Time flies and it has been so much fun getting to write for a brand I LOVE!

Today’s post goes along with this week and is kind of a continuation from last week’s “being single” blog post. If you didn’t get a chance to read it don’t worry it’s still online for you to check out. In that post, I touched on what it feels like being single in the month of Love and how to celebrate the season God has you in at the moment. This week we are going to get a little more light-hearted and fun because we need those kinds of posts too!

We are going to divide February 14th up 4 ways. I’ll break it down for you here because you might be a little bit confused as to what exactly I mean. Well with February 14th being Valentine's Day I thought we should dedicate this week’s post entirely to that. I wanted to make it inclusive for everyone so we are going to have a little bit of everything!


     1. We’ll have 4 adorable things from the Skirt Society that are perfect for Valentines Day.


     2. We’ll have 4 different Galentine date ideas for you to celebrate with your gal pals. (I’ll be doing that no shame in celebrating with your friends.)

     3. We’ll have 4 romantic date ideas for you to celebrate with someone special.

     4. Finally, we’ll have 3 tips on how to celebrate being single.

So now that it’s all cleared up and we see that 4+4+4+3=14 we can get started. :)

So for 4 adorable things from Skirt Society which are perfect for Valentines Day and honestly any day check out these below:

These are all SUPER beautiful options to celebrate Valentine's Day in whether you’re with your gal pals or you’re with your loved one. My favorite of them would be the last dress because I just think there is something so great about a little pink dress! The great thing about all of these pieces is also that they are versatile so you can wear them well past February! Honestly, my favorite color combo is pink and red so I’d wear them all year round! You can get some of the above pieces on sale by checking out the sale section on the website!

Now we are onto 4 ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your Valentines​!

This is something I am a pro at because honestly, I have been doing it for years! More times than not I haven’t had a Valentine on Valentine’s Day and that is OKAY! I love my gal pals! We make it a special night annually to celebrate how special our friendship is!

So below I’m going to break down some ideas I have to celebrate and throw in what our plans are for Thursday!


     1. Get your girls and go to Starbucks for your favorite drinks (the pink drink is especially cute for VDAY)! After that head to your favorite restaurant for a night full of laughter! I recommend places like Market Place, Chewy's, Sushi Bar or what we are doing this year Chick-Fil-A! You can’t beat a classic nugget meal with your gals!

     2.If you’re feeling like being on the town isn’t exactly what you want to do because maybe it will make you feel a little more lonely...get your gal pals for a movie night! That’s right I’m talking go all out with the yummiest junk food you can find. Grab the popcorn, pizza, chocolate and snuggle up with your best friends. You can watch anything from the romantic classics or the girl boss movies about women’s empowerment! You decide but my gals and I will be watching one of my favorites Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

     3. So maybe you don’t feel like Chick-Fil-A or a night in. The next best thing is to head to a karaoke place! In most large cities you can rent a room and karaoke with all your friends but if they don’t have that close to you do CAR KARAOKE! It’s just as fun and honestly will leave you laughing until your stomach hurts! You can take lots of videos and reminisce later on those fun days with your gals because you won’t always be single! -God has someone SO special coming your way so treasure these moments.

     4.Finally, a fun way to celebrate V-Day with your Gals is to spend the evening making something: like a vision board, a mug, a meal (you guys all get together and cook), a youtube Video, a song, a plate, a scrapbook, a photo shoot, a journal! You can even all get together and talk about your dream weddings/plans. Use this time to celebrate the precious moment you are in right now. God has a purpose for every season and if you don’t celebrate where you’re at, how can God ever believe you are ready for bigger things?

Yay for diving into the most well known Valentine’s Day suggestions! While I’m a pro at Galentine’s Day I can also offer some advice about how to have a special night with your loved one. Being a hopeless romantic I know just what Y'all can do!

     1. Similarly to Galentine's Day, a night on the town is always a fun way to celebrate the day of love. I may be partial but I think getting dressed up and going to a fancy dinner is so special. To make it even more millennial and fun you can always get super dressed up and head to a little dinner for a special memory! Don’t forget to take a photo of each other so you can forever remember the night. (Freddy’s or a local dinner is my suggestion).

     2.So staying in might be a little more romantic...if that you get ready to enjoy a special meal at home. I think it’s so precious to cook together or if one of you is more of a cook then make something special for your loved one and enjoy it over candlelight. After the dinner is over, take time to tell each other why you love them.

     3. Do something totally crazy! These are always the funniest dates in my mind. It could be because I was raised in a home where there was no such thing as plans but a spontaneous date is always special. This could be a picnic in the park, watching the sun go down on the beach, making sushi together, look for photo booths, go to a Ferris wheel (Branson, mo), go stargazing, go goodwill shopping for each other, rent a car you’ve always wanted to drive, go bowling, go rollerskating, make a scavenger hunt for each other. These are all just random ideas that would make for a great VDAY!

     4. Finally, while this one might be a little bit more expensive I think it guarantees for a special day! Take a mini road trip to a new place with your loved one and enjoy each other's company. Jam to all your favorite songs on the way there or spend time talking. Find a cozy place to eat dinner and honestly just explore the city! This would hand down be one of my dream dates!

Last but not least we are down to our last 3 ways to get February 14th. I’m going to tell you 3 tips on how to celebrate being single.

     1. You haven’t yet got to experience all the special moments and butterflies with the person you are supposed to be with. This means that you can spend time getting excited about all the things coming your way and they will be coming your way because the bible says so. (Check out “being single” for more information)

     2. God has bigger plans for your life-this is my go to because I get it, girl, sometimes you just want to know who your special someone is already! If you will cling to the fact that God has something so special planned for your life and if you were in a relationship he might not be able to use you in that way! Be happy about your singleness because it means you can focus your all on you and Jesus. This is a time where you can really build a strong relationship with the one who matters most.

     3. You haven’t settled for less! That’s right! You go, girl because in your singleness you’re holding fast the promise that God knows the desires of your heart and has the RIGHT person for you! I celebrate this all the time because honestly, it would be so very sad if you settled for someone that wasn’t in God’s plan for your life. It would lead to winds, twists turns and ultimately heartbreak! Celebrate the fact that you are secure in yourself and are waiting on the Lord! I always say it and I always will because there is nothing quite like GOD’S TIMING! He’s got you sister so celebrate the moment you’re in!

P.S. I celebrate these three things almost every day! I have to remind myself to celebrate where I am because it’s special and there is a purpose in every moment of my life. It’s okay to be single and it’s okay to go against society’s push for relationships! God has someone for you and if you settle for someone else’s someone you could be extremely unhappy in the end. Trust God, his plans are perfect!

Psalms 37:4 “ Delight thyself also in the LORD; he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”

I love y’all and I hope you have the happiest week ever! Thank you for taking the time to read today’s post and any post if you do because it truly means the world! XOXO!

By Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley a modest fashion blogger at A Missouri gal and undergraduate student at Sewanee: The University of The South. Alexa is a Psychology major on the Pre-Med track and is a Chinese minor. She loves people and can’t wait to work as a doctor in the mission field one day soon! Follow her on Instagram @1998miss.

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