We Are Never too Spiritual to be Teachable By Sabrina Santiago

As Christians, there is always something to learn from, no matter how well we are striving.

We are constantly refining.

Whether an example of that is learning to love God and others on a deeper level, or learning how to be a better witness, there’s always a positioning for growth, because every day He is guiding us, and every day we are growing as a seed constantly being watered by our surroundings.

If I am being honest, I believe that true growth and favor roots from the confidence of being vulnerable with God and with others (to an extent).

This may not have crossed only my mind, but sometimes I am led to believe that believers in the church are hindered by their ‘statues’ or their ‘image in regards to sincerely showing a vulnerability at the altar, possessively displaying a posture carried as if I have it all together or You can’t show your weakness. Pray for someone who looks like they’re struggling.

Not only have these honest remarks been shared with me by brave people, but it is something easily spotted at times, and if I can be real, I see it the majority of the time.

Referring back to what I said earlier, I know for a fact that God honors every part that we give of ourselves to Him, but if it’s not ‘our all,’ then it is not truthful. Leaving many wondering why others can get their breakthroughs and blessings in fullness as we expect for ourselves, but we do not give it fully, to begin with.

As I continue to observe these matters, I want to encourage you all that there is nothing wrong with pouring yourself out at the altar or wherever you are in a congregation worshipping God. You are not weak, and you are not perceived as ‘always battling,’ but you are truly confident and every ounce of vulnerability you give without a care of who sees you or not, is highly favored by God, and yes, He does act upon that authenticity.

Where there is vulnerability, there is authenticity, and where there is authenticity, there is power. Faith becomes stronger and easier, and love flourishes with sincerity.

No matter the ‘what ifs,’ do it anyway, because at the end of the day it is your soul, your race, your relationship, and your mission on this earth. So let it all be for His Glory, and watch His love for you show in many ways.

I love you all so much.

Know that He is for you, and that is all that matters :)

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