What’s My Purpose By Sabrina Santiago

What’s my Purpose?

“All are called but few are chosen”(Matthew 24:13/ KJV).

    Many times it can become frustrating trying to figure out what your purpose is in the body. You may actually know what it is that God is calling you to or you may have an idea but aren’t so sure if it’s exactly you or God calling you in that direction, and I can tell you that I’ve been there and I’ve done that. I understand!

    Sometimes we question God. We question what it is that we are really called to do for Him and sometimes we believe the lies spoken to us by the enemy of thinking that we aren’t called to do great things for God when clearly that is a lie. The enemy loves to attack us with whatever it is that we allow Him to attack us with and honestly, we choose to believe it, sadly.

    God has purposely called us specifically to certain ministries as the body and has entrusted us with certain gifts that are not exactly the same as our neighbor’s but have the same part in the body as the church and that’s what makes us uniquely made and powerful in God.

We all have a ministry, whether God has revealed it to you specifically or you are still seeking that specific answer, God has called every person on this planet to be His willing vessel but it takes us to submit to being that willing vessel to allow God to use us the way He wants to use us. Often times we can get so caught up with the “what I want to do for God” mindset that we forget that He determines what and how to use us. There’s nothing wrong with desiring to be used by God in different ways and areas, but sometimes we can deceive ourselves into pushing our motives into a box that maybe God is not even calling us in truly.

  That is not to say that you aren’t called into the areas you may feel led in, but if we are not careful we can end up calling our own selves into fields that may not even be the will of God for our lives because we’re so focused on ourselves and what ‘we’ want to do. Never let it get to that point.

There is so much more I can speak about this topic but I’m going to keep it short and I want to encourage those who may feel like they ‘don’t have a calling’ or they don’t know what their calling is specifically, or is feeling led in areas of ministry that they are not sure about. My advice to you is, do not stop praying. Do not give up seeking for that answer. Sometimes certain things only come by prayer and fasting but if you are dedicated and are willing to be that vessel for God however He wants to use you, He will speak, and He will use you. But, you have to mean those words and be prepared when it’s time.

   God is willing to use anyone who truly wants to be used and if He is leading you in an area with a deep burden and passion, continue to pray about it and trust that God will speak, and most of the time it’s those strong urges that never go away for certain fields that God leads His people to labour and harvest. It’s all about reaching the lost and ministering to people. Ministry is not for our glory and it is not for our image, but for the Glory and image of God almighty. 

Matthew 9:37, “Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”

Do not doubt what He is calling you to do for Him. He is calling you and He is speaking to you, and His timing is perfect. Whether you are still seeking an answer, or whether you are building the ministry you have been given, we are all minister’s, and by this waiting and prepping time, we can be serving and ministering now as the ministry we are all given and called to do.

To reach the lost!

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