Yes and Amen By Sabrina Santiago

Yes and Amen

What’s amazing about God is that, He keeps His promises.

    No matter what the enemy tries to convince us of, he has NO power over the plan of God. None whatsoever. We are all called by God, and with that comes the importance of believing the plan and promises that He has bestowed upon our lives. 

    Maybe we have a desire that we are patiently waiting God to fulfil, or maybe we have a personal promise from God that we were given and are anxious for it to happen. 

In 2 Corinthians 1:20 it says, “For no matter how many promises God has made, they are "Yes" in Christ. And so through him the "Amen" is spoken by us to the glory of God”(NIV).

As transparent as that verse is, God’s promises are yes and amen.

    The enemy enjoys discouraging us, and by that he tries to convince us that what God has said will not happen when if we know His word, we will know that He is NOT a liar. God cannot lie, does not lie, and will not lie. But, because the enemy is crafty, he can quickly plant seeds of doubt and unbelief in our minds in ways that make it seem like it’s harmless when really, it is so harmful.

When we allow the enemy to speak his lies to us, we allow the permission of accepting his plan of destruction against God’s plan of prosperation. It is easy to believe that something is not possible rather than believing that something is possible through God because it takes our part as a christian to put our trust and faith in a process that we cannot see just exactly yet. As humans, we don’t want to be crushed at something we wholeheartedly desired and hoped for, and that is why we tend to pull back in believing in something fully because of our pre-preparation for in case it “doesn’t happen.” But God is calling us to fully believe in Him for everything, especially those promises He’s given you personally.

Sometimes we misunderstand the character of God. We can view Him as God  almighty, but when it comes to that time of believing in what He has said, it can quickly become a doubt game when He is God, and He can do anything. Without faith it’s impossible to please God, but with our faith, we cause God to be impressed and He begins to act upon our belief in who He is, not just for what He can do for us. 

Those promises you were given by God were not given to you so that you can be destroyed by them. That’s the enemy’s character, not God’s. When we realize that God is not the author of confusion, when we realize that He is not a liar and that He is not a God of destruction but of completion, we began to realize that He is perfect, He loves us, and His perfect plan for our lives will fulfil no matter what is spoken. And that is where our security fully lies-in Him.

With that, it is safe to believe exactly what has been spoken to you by God whether it was spoken to you in your personal prayer life, through a spiritual leader, or through His word, God’s words are not lies and everything that He has promised you will come to pass but it takes patience and consecration because it is in His perfect timing that His word will began to fulfill.  

Trusting and believing Him is truly what it is about, but it takes our patience and belief in what He has spoken to us directly. He will never fail! 

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