Your Modesty is Beautiful By Sabrina Santiago

What is modesty? The definition of modesty can vary from person to person. Depending on one’s upbringing, modesty can have many different translations as to what it is or should be, but modesty in what God says in the Bible is the most honorable and beautiful aspect a woman can have. It’s a part of our spiritual DNA.

Let’s be honest, choosing a lifestyle of modesty can be a bit of a challenge, especially for us women if we are being real with ourselves. The reason I say this is because, us being women, we battle with the fact of being “beautiful” to a man. That’s just how we were naturally designed. We naturally battle with affirmation, we naturally battle with feeling wanted, we naturally battle with a yearn for attention in some way, and if you sit and think of it, the attention we seek is the attention of the opposite sex. The core to that all connects to the first fall of man found in Genesis. As women, were created for a man, and our natural instinct and design is to feel wanted and to be “beautiful” to him, right? Well, that is where I’m going back to ‘the lifestyle of choosing modesty can be a challenge’ point. Why? Because our flesh wants to reveal what we have in affirmation as to “how beautiful” we are, but a sincere choice and practice of modesty is what is highly respected and honored greatly to a man. To your future spouse(or current), but even more importantly, it is highly respected in the eyes of God. And that is what matters mostly-us pleasing Him. Here’s a quick uplifting read today!   

I’ve spoken to many young women who sincerely feel bad about their choice of modesty because of the fear of it being “less attractive” to a man. In reality, I have battled this same thought and feeling. It hurt me to hear the words from my friends’ lips honestly questioning whether their modesty was beautiful to a man’s eyes or not because of what a guy chases in our church culture today. That stuck with me. Girls, a man who chases a woman who represents herself incorrectly is not a man you want to entertain, to begin with. 

Something that I have learned and noticed in my life was the fact that it DOES matter how you represent yourself as a woman. Not only because of a ‘man,’ but because of OUR ministries and testimonies. We are to protect our testimonies, not allow the enemy to have them. Now, as a woman in today’s day and age, modesty is not a trendy first choice, but let me tell you, people watch, especially the world, and they can easily point the finger as to how a Godly woman should act or dress just by how you represent yourself in those moments. Everything in this world is judged and although we are not to judge, we are still to submit to the word and analyze ourselves of how we are representing Christ as His daughters. 

Modesty is not to stress you out or make you feel like you can’t look nice for anything, but if I’m completely honest, it will feel like a sacrifice at times. Many times actually, but through that all, God sees, and believe me when I say that He honors that. Choosing to wear modest apparel is not pleasing anybody on earth but God. It protects us, it’s honored, it’s respect, it’s Biblical, and it’s just absolutely beautiful.

Now, modesty does not only include “covering up,” but it includes the fittedness of our apparel and it is the representation of who we are as women by what we reflect on the outside, which reflects our hearts on the inside. The Bible says, “Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own?” (1 Cor. 6:19/ NKJV). We represent our bodies in a way of glorification to God. It is important to understand that we have the Holy Ghost and the Holy Ghost resonates inside of us, and with that, we are to honor it along with our temples that are not our own, but His. 

That comes with accountability. Representing ourselves the way that Christ has meant for us to example is what builds our security in Him because it does not matter who thinks modesty is ‘in’ or not, whether it’s a man or woman, God sees it as precious, honorable, and adorned. He sees us as beautiful and priceless. In Proverbs, it says that we are more precious than rubies(see Proverbs 3:15). We are precious, we are beautiful and we are to adorn ourselves in modest apparel because we are His daughters. And His love for us is greater than what we can ever imagine.  

Girls, never feel less because of your choice of modesty. Your modesty is what is honorable. Your modesty is what reflects you as a Godly woman, and the spouse that God will send you will see that and honor that about you. A Godly man will not only find you attractive, but he will respect and praise you because of your willing submission to God. He will find that more attractive than what you think, believe me! 

Girls, we are confident and anointed women, so let’s choose modesty! 

After all, modesty doesn’t mean you can’t have style! ;)     


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  • Ethan Shipman

    Wow that was so amazing, you brought down the house talking about the importance of modesty. No literally, somebody’s house is burning down. Because modest is hottest!!!

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