Your Promise Doesn’t Come with an Age Limit By Sabrina Santiago

 This crossed my mind as I read in John chapter 2 (the wedding at Cana).


As I read this passage, I was refreshed on my knowledge of what happened during this event, and as many of you already know, this segment was over the miracle of Jesus turning water into wine. An amazing thing to witness.


As I carefully studied the passage more in depth, what revealed to me was a matter so relatable in modern Chrsitian society just as literal as it had happened in that time period.


In John 2, Mary says to Jesus, “they have no wine.” Analyzing the passage, the tone seemed a bit panicked following Jesus saying, “My hour has not yet come.”


As many of us can truthfully witness, sometimes we come before God knowing that He can fulfill ‘it,’ whatever we are desiring/needing, but then ask/pray it to be done when we want it too-like in panic of timing(our age specifically).


I found this to be so accurate today. In the church, sometimes we believe that our time is “running out” or we’re “too old” to do that which was prophesied over our lives in panic of timing, like if we are “missing it.” When that is not true at all.


As Jesus held the authority as usual, when ‘it’ was time to take place, it took place-but when He said it. No matter how much we try to force something to happen, usually it does not, unless God is in it. Many times as humans, we try to strive for that which was spoken to us, leaving us disappointed when it hasn’t happened yet, when in all honesty, God is desiring us to trust Him and just wait. And we usually don’t like that, because culture and our desires say “now.”


If God promised you something specific over your life (prophetically spoken over you), do not underestimate what He can & will do-when His hour has come. Keep holding on to what has been promised to you. Continue walking fully in Him and love Him with all your heart, and you will not be disappointed. You just haven’t seen it yet.


No more forcing, no more panicking over our age like if we “missed it.”

If He said it, He will hold His end on it, but when He knows it’s time..and your age has nothing to do with that.


Love you guys :)

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